May Day, May Day!

So, bascially, my parents are fighting, and I’m getting dragged into their shit. Then, on top of that, I have an Algebra 2 EOC tomorrow, and it counts as 25% of my grade. I bascailly haven’t learned shit from Algebra 2 because I’m totally challeneged with math. And the state drags in Trig and Geometry with that. My Geometry teacher completely screwed me the fuck over. And I haven’t taken trig. Now, I’m sitting in my car in track shorts and a rain jacket blogging about how my first day of May went. (I’m feeling like jenna hamilton. I like Sadie better.)

Southern Brands

So I’m browsing through all the brands that could have anything to do with the South, well there are about 1001 different brands that either have the word ‘southern’ in their logo, or have the imbodiment of southern traditions. I basically know that Vineyard Vines, Southern Tide, Southern Marsh, and the Southern Shirt Co. are some of the most popular brands. But, now I’m wondering, are they really worth the price. Sure, the advertisments are all wonderful, but is a t-shirt with their logo name and design really worth thirty dollars, when the same type of clothing can be bought for far less? I do own, VV, but I’m noticed that their clothes are more expensive than a lot of Ralph Lauren items and JCrew things.

So what is the best southern brand? I honestly think that Southern Shirt Co. is the best choice from my opinion. Please share with me your thoughts!

Confessions of Late Night Prepster

So basically, I don’t own anything Lily Pulitzer. I know, it’s a southern sin of mine. I don’t know why I don’t own any of her things, but my favorite print is Tuscan Sun. Honestly, if you don’t like this print, I can’t even with you. What’s there not to like? Cute elephants and a navy background, it’s basically the national prep color.